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Perth’s Premium heat treatment and Refractory dry out service provider.     To discuss your heat treatment requirement call us now on 1800 20 22 21.    Perth’s Premium heat treatment and Refractory dry out service provider.     To discuss your heat treatment requirement call us now on 1800 20 22 21.    Perth’s Premium heat treatment and Refractory dry out service provider.     To discuss your heat treatment requirement call us now on 1800 20 22 21.

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Premium Heat Treatment service provider

Unique is the new name in heat treatment industry but our team has many years of heat treatment experience so we can assure our clients receive a premium service.

We have qualified Metallurgical engineer, Design engineer, heat treatment technicians and licenced electrician who have many years of experience in EPCM, Mining, Manufacturing, Refineries, Power generation, Refractory and oil & gas industry.

We are sole agent for Weldotherm, Germany.
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Environment, Health and Safety

Unique Heat Treatment is dedicated to delivering and achieving zero harm to people, plant and environment through our unique standards.

8 years of LTI Free operation


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Heat treating is a group of industrial and metalworking processes used to alter the physical and sometimes chemical properties of a material.

Below are few basic terms.

All types of heat treatment process


The primary purpose of an annealing treatment is to reduce the hardness of a material and facilitate the progress of subsequent manufacturing operations. Annealing is commonly used after casting, forging or rolling to soften materials and minimise residual stresses, improve machinability, and increase ductility by carefully controlling the microstructure. Many steels in strip form are annealed, as are most tool steels and stainless steels. Non-ferrous alloys are also annealed.


It is used to harden, soften, or modify other properties of materials that have different structures at low and high temperatures. The type of transformation depends on the heating rate, soak temperature, soak duration and cooling rate.


It is a process of cooling a metal at a rapid rate. This is most often done to produce a martensite transformation. In ferrous alloys, this will often produce a harder metal, while non-ferrous alloys will usually become softer than normal.


Hardened steel is generally followed by tempering process where steel is heated to relatively much lower temperature and time. Hardening followed by tempering process improves hardness and elasticity of steel.


It can soften, harden or stress relieve a material, depending on its initial state. The objective of the treatment is to counter the effects of prior processes, such as casting, forging or rolling, by refining the existing non-uniform structure into one which enhances machinability & formability.

Stress Relieving

It is applied to both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and is intended to remove internal residual stresses generated by prior manufacturing processes such as machining, cold rolling and welding.

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Client, Kemerton

The team at Unique displayed a good understanding of the dry-out requirement. They were very open to communications with our supervisors and engineers and conducted themselves throughout the entire dry-out in a professional and safe manner.

Client, Henderson

Thank you very much for doing urgent heat treatment job overnight. We were able to handover shutdown work back to client ahead of schedule.

Client, Bunbury

Once again Unique has performed an outstanding work at our premises. Not only the work was completed safely but we have also saved transportation cost on many occasions.

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